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It all started when...

Jilian Linklater's father turned off the cable every August when she was a teenager. In the process, he may have inadvertently derailed what could have been a brilliant career in medicine. His intent was to encourage Jilian and her siblings to find something productive to do in their free time besides just watch television.

So as a fourteen year old with no access to The Gilmore Girls, Jilian did the only thing she could do. She taught herself to play the guitar.

She then met a boy with a bushy blonde 'fro who also played the guitar. She says of the young man, "This was pretty straight forward. He was older, played guitar, introduced me to some of my now favorite music, and I wanted to impress him."

She became even better at playing the guitar.

Her song “Walking Stories” has more than 2 Million streams on Spotify in 2 months. Her youtube channel has over 4500 subscribers.

"I'm making music and learning what a successful career in music looks like to me." reveals Jilian, She's released two EPs, moved someone to tears with her songs, has cuts on the albums of some notable Nashville artists and made a fifteen year old girl feel like she wasn't alone in her heartbreak.

"I consider all these events successes."

This fall she released “Queen of Dandelions,” her ode to the end of summer. She is also working on a new EP for 2017.

So it does look like medicine's loss may indeed be music's gain.

Jilian Linklater is obsessed with tiny houses and is planning on renovating a trailer.

prominent venues

Bluebird cafe - nashville, tennessee

The ark - Ann arbor, michigan

the listening room - nashville, tennessee


Spotify Streams

Walking Stories - over 5 million

Magnet - over 800K

fighter - over 160K

SPOTIFY playlists

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"I don’t care if you’re rock, pop, indie, folk, country or jazz-fusion, you will love Jillian’s music. You’ll love it because it has a way of cutting through styles and genres, and heading straight for your heart. That’s the kind of music we all love - the kind that connects us to the deepest things that matter most about our lives, and that’s what lies at the core of Jilian’s beautiful gift. Buy this music. Go see her play. She’s one of the rare ones."

— John Mays, VP of A&R, Centricity Music

No country for new nashville


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